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Local Market Deals in Saraland, AL with Saraland Produce and Seafood Market

Saraland Produce and Seafood
703 Shelton Beach Rd. Saraland, AL 36571

Homegrown Tomatoes
$1.49 per lb.
8 lb. Russett Potatoes
$1.99 a bag
3 lb. Bag Onions
2 bags $3.00
Fresh Asparagus
2 bunches $5.00
Sweet Seedless Watermelons
$3.99 each
Silver King Corn
Fresh Shrimp

Fresh Crab Meat
$4.99 per lb.

$14.99 dark/$16.99 lump

Fresh Oysters
$9.99 pt./$19.99 qt.
Fresh Catfish
$4.99 per lb.
Chilton County Peaches
$1.99 lb

Homegrown Snap Beans
& Pole Beans

Jumbo Sweet Cantaloupe


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Looking for a deal? You are in the right place! Saraland Produce and Seafood Market is always running specials and would like to keep you in the know. Below are current specials we are running this week.